How I Built The Satyam Brand

A model guru said of which it will require years involving hard work to develop a brand although only one moment involving madness to get rid of it. The Satyam case is the live sort of this particular adage.
Late July 1996 I got a call on a new Saturday morning in one of the greatest head hunting organizations in the land asking me personally whether I wanted a change of job. Their Hyderabad manager would not really tell me the brand of the client company as they were afraid I would refuse the chance on the telephone itself because the organization was small and relatively unknown compared to the 1 I was employed in.
However, I do head to meet your pet and I was rather let down when he informed me you can actually label though the firm was Hyderabad centered and I has been in the same town, too. He persuaded me to encounter the company managing. The same evening I met Ramalinga Raju, Chairman, Satyam Computer Services. My partner and i had no clue what the organization did as THAT was not really in my radar staying more from typically the engineering and automotive industry. In fact , We even had a stray thought that that they assembled grey marketplace PCs.
The ending up in Raju lasted over an hour plus was very pleasant. He came around as a gentle person and really polite. Very soon I got a package of appointment by Satyam. My partner referred to a handful of people in Bangalore in the IT field before I actually accepted it. Of course, the economical offer was extremely attractive, too
My partner and i joined Satyam while head of company communications on August 16. The up coming day I obtained a call from Economical Times asking me personally for a discuss some sort of story that that they were running regarding a check bouncing case against Satyam. This troubled myself as I got never experienced anything like that in the past. I simply mumbled that there was no truth throughout that story.
About ten days later on we had to be able to print some invite cards for inaugurating our spanking new-technology centre. It astonished me when the particular printer asked us for 100% improve. He was exactly the same printer who accustomed to give my previous company thirty times credit without questions. I began to worry whether We had made a major error of wisdom in joining Satyam. I now appreciated that some associated with my friends inside of Hyderabad expressed astonish when I told them that I was leaving a new leading multi-national business to join Satyam.
Anyway, it had been too late to do anything about it. And in 1996 driving a brand fresh Maruti Suzuki Regard around Hyderabad seemed to be a balm in a hurt vanity. I put almost all mental poison aside and even decided I would likely carve an optimistic position for myself in addition to do what has been right for the organization.
The Company Disadvantages:
1) Nobody recognized who ran the corporation, including investors. It was surprising as Raju was in the particular office regularly through 9am to 9pm.
2) People plus investors still connected the name Satyam with construction in addition to textile spinning but not IT.
3) Typically the promoters, based upon the flavor regarding the season acquired entered all sorts of businesses inside the past plus failed, including this kind of diverse fields seeing that aquaculture and boot uppers.
4) Satyam was still being perceived as a small Hyderabad based company.
5) In the Dataquest ranking of Indian IT companies, Satyam stood a lowly 13.
6) Publications were reluctant to be able to interview Raju just as he had not been definitely forthcoming with feedback or together with his ideas for the firm. Further, his speaking style at that will time was not extremely fluent. The facial skin involving the company in those days was the head involving sales & advertising.
7) People identified Satyam more as a body shopping business than a significant IT player (this was really an illegal charge as in that time the majority of Indian IT firms were actually simply that).
The Organization Positives:
1. Typically the company made revenue
2. The customer listing was quite outstanding
3. Working appearance was pleasant
5. The urge to develop was there
5. Raju gave plenty of liberty to the elderly staff (though this particular itself created fiefdoms)
My Negatives:
one In my profession till then I had never taken care of the editorial or even news media. I had been always in in order to advertising, marketing plus sales promotion.
two. PR was something absolutely new to me. In an approach I had joined Satyam under false pretences, because when Raju asked me at my interview whether We knew anyone in the media the only name I could tell him is that of a great friend who dealt with the advertising perform for the greatest media group inside AP.
3. After i joined Satyam I had not sent an electronic mail around me nor recognized anything about something referred to as the internet. IT was an unfamiliar subject to me personally. I had been basically a Mechanical Engineer.
Typically the Beginning
I came across that will the Bangalore based advertising and PAGE RANK agency handling the particular Satyam account has been not really adding much though these people charged an increased payment. We sacked them and through the professional selection process hired one of the top advertising agencies in the region to deal with our paid out communication business. The first collaboration work was to draw out the corporate id manual, called typically the Satyam Covenant. This was to help to make sure that just about all corporate branding work across the world would be natural.
Knowing that a great advertising agency is generally not clued in to general public relations, Choice to be able to handle the mass media myself instead of incurring further expenses in hiring a PR agency. Our first effort has been a disaster. I prepared a report with regard to our annual result without a headline. The next day each publication interpreted the effects in its very own way. It was rather embarrassing viewing a few of the headlines earlier the next morning hours.
It was time for you to start earning my personal salary. I published out a fairly decent brand approach plan. Along with the list was something I titled “Brand building the CEO”. I made a new slide presentation to be able to Raju defining various brand positioning qualities for his graphic buildin

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